Class 300 Full Port, Fire Safe Flanged Ball Valve

The 6801F Series is a world class API 607 certified fire safe flanged ball valve available in full port construction. Specially designed seats provide tight shutoff and low torque. Full port valves have a full diameter, straight, constriction-free flow path, giving about the same flow capacity as a similar sized piece of pipe. Full port valves are used when flow capacity / pressure drop is the most important consideration or when frequent cleaning with a flush or pig is required.

Features & Benefits
  • Investment cast 2-piece bolted body construction
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Adjustable, live-loaded graphite packing
  • API 598 inspection and testing
  • API 607 5th Edition fire tested
  • Locking handle

Size range: CL 300: 1/2″ =- 8″ Full port

Body type: 2-pc, split body

Port rating: ASME Class 300, flanged ends

Temperature range / WSP: -20°F thru 400°F / 150 psi steam (-29°C thru 204°C / 10,3 bar steam)

Body: Stainless or Carbon Steel

Ball & Stem: Stainless Steel, anti-static design

Ball seats: RPTFE standard

Stem packing: adjustable, live loaded Graphite

Body seal / thrust washer: Graphite / PTFE

Operator / mounting pad: manual locking lever / ISO 5211


Fire Tested API 607, 5th Edition
CRN: 0C5539.5
ATEX Certified

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