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Metal Seated Ball Valves

Metal Seated Ball Valves

Metal seated ball valves designed for use in severe service such as high temperature, high pressure, and abrasive fluids found in Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, and Mining.

Marwin Sizing Software

MVCV is a valve sizing program that has been developed to help you quickly and accurately quickly and accurately determine the flow coefficient of a valve so that you can choose the proper Marwin valve for your applications

Sizing Software

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3000 Series

Fire Safe, Full & Reduced Port, 3 Piece Ball Valve

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10000F Series

High Pressure Full Port Ball Valve

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5801R Series

Class 150 Reduced Port Fire Safe Flanged Ball Valve

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3L/T2100F-A Series

3-Way, Threaded or Welded Ends, Ball Valve

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