Designed for engineers, the MVCV is a valve sizing program that has been developed to help you quickly and accurately quickly and accurately determine the flow coefficient of a valve so that you can choose the proper Marwin valve for your applications.

To start the installation, click the MVCV DESKTOP button. The install requires admin permissions. It also asks for a reboot to automatically start the service but you can start the service manually from the start menu:

Richards Industrials -> ServiceMVCV -> Service Management, select Start Service.

After a reboot or a manual start, you should be able to load the app in your browser with the OnlineMVCV link on your desktop from the start menu or a bookmark. Once started, the program will remain available via the links until you uninstall.

The MVCV application can also be run directly from the web without installation. Click on the MVCV ONLINE button.