ER Series Electric Actuators

The ER Series electric actuators provide economical, compact electrical automation for quarter-turn valves.


The ER Series electric motor actuators are high quality, economically priced, reversing quarter-turn actuators ideal for automating ball valves. They offer compactness and a rugged design to develop high torque in minimum space. They are available in thirteen listed sizes from 100 in-lbs to 14040 in-lbs torque. The ER Series has many standard features, as well as a full range of optional features. Terminal strips in all sizes allow easy and efficient wiring. A wiring diagram is always furnished inside the actuator housing. Most sizes / housings feature easy manual over-ride. The optional auxiliary limit switches are used for sequencing operations, control of other equipment, or additional signaling devices, independent of the power supply.

ER Series Data Sheet
ER Series I & M, Non-Modulating
ER Series I & M, Modulating
Marwin Condensed Catalog

Other Documentation
115 VAC ER Actuator w/Common Options (26-01275)
115 VAC ER Actuator w/2 Aux. L.S. & Common Options (26-01276)
115 VAC ER 3-position Actuator (Used for Multiport Valves & Dribble Controls) (26-01277)
115 VAC ER Actuator with Timer Option (26-01278)
115 VAC ER Actuator with Speed Control & Common Options (26-01279)
115 VAC ER Actuator with 4-20 mA Positioner & Common Options (26-01280)
12/24 VDC ER1-ER3 Actuator (26-01281)
12/24 VDC ER1-ER3 Actuator with Reversing Relay Option (26-01282)
12/24 VDC ER Actuator with 4-20 mA  Positioner Option (26-01283)
15 VAC ER Spring Return Actuator, Fail Close (26-01284)
115 / 220 VAC ER50 – ER140 Actuator with Common Options (26-01285)

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